Writing amid the chaos – Louise Emma Clarke

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By Louise Emma Clarke

I decided to start writing a novel at probably the most turbulent time in my life. ♥

Myself and my three children were homeless at the time, living with my parents out of suitcases, after moving back to the UK from a nine-year stint in Dubai. My husband was still in the Middle East working – and I was quite lonely, pretty overwhelmed, and very tired.

So why did I decide that was the moment in my life that I needed to start writing my first novel? I don’t really know the answer that – but I do know that sitting down and writing that novel was the most consistent, reliable thing in my life at the time.

When I wasn’t sure where we were going to live, or when I would next see my husband, or which school my children would get a place at, or how exactly I was supposed to enrol at the doctors, I could sit down at my laptop, open the manuscript and find myself at exactly the point I stopped the day before. It offered welcome stability to my life, when chaos was hurtling at top speed around it.

When people say now “I can’t believe you wrote a novel! Wasn’t it hard?” I smile – because actually, writing that novel was often the thing that kept me going during that six-month resettling process, knowing that I had it to come back to, getting lost in the plot, the characters, and the locations.

I’m now writing my second novel (the second in the trilogy) – and this time, things are different. My husband is back from the Middle East, we have a home, the kids are at school, and we managed to enrol at the local doctors without losing too much sleep.

We finally are – and feel – at home.

Louise Emma Clarke’s blog, Mum of Boys and Mabel, has over 100k followers. Having moved to Dubai with her family she’s now back in the UK and is enjoying writing. From Mum with Love is her debut novel.

Facebook: @mumboysandmabel
Twitter: @mumofboysmabel

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