The funny side of life – S J Crabb

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By S J Crabb

I have been writing for three years now and stumbled on writing as a career by accident. I suppose it’s always been in the back of my mind that I wanted to write a book but never really thought I would.♥

Three years ago that book begged to be written. It came out of nowhere and I sat down in front of my computer and thought I’d see where it took me.

Three years later it took me rather a long way.

I found it easier than I thought and one book became two and so on. I have now written many books under two pen names. I reached the top 100 on Amazon UK and stayed there for 5 weeks. I have had No.1 best sellers and made many new friends. I’ve found readers who like what I write and have just given up my day job. It just shows what the average person can do these days with just a computer, an internet connection, and a vivid imagination. I actually take a great deal of pride that, to this day, I have done it all myself.

However, that first step was the easiest part as it happened. If you are self-published you become the managing director of your destiny. You become a writer, publisher and editor. You spend more time researching marketing and social media skills than you do thinking about any words you write. In my case, I need to enrol in control freaks anonymous. I became a machine and thankfully that machine took me to where I am today. Self-employed!

I like to write books that reflect on the world we live in today. Strong women, looking for their ideal partner. We can have it all if we set our minds to it. Life has a habit of not playing by the rules and can be devastating. Sometimes you need to focus on the funny side to get you through dark times. All of my stories have a part of me in them. That trip I took to the Channel Islands that prompted me to write everything down at the airport because it was so unbelievable. The trip to Mexico where I partied with Her Majesties finest on board a naval vessel. The dirty beach I visited on my honeymoon and the devastating divorce of a friend where we would spend hours wishing things were different.

Thankfully, I adore every part of the process and spend hours playing on my computer designing my book covers and ads. I enjoy interacting on social media and love playing around with my website. I will begin in 2019 as a full-time author and will celebrate with another new pen name and a new venture into a different genre. Life has just become exciting and there still won’t be enough hours in the day to make everything happen.

I never stop learning and the sheer number of unpublished novels I have to rework shows me I have come a long way. Strangely though, the first book I ever published is still doing well three years later. I sold virtually no copies for 18 months and then the ball started rolling. The Diary of Madison Brown was that book and if you ever read it, the Channel Island trip (minus the love interest) is virtually word for word what really happened.

Sharon Crabb lives in Surrey in the UK with her husband, daughter and furry friend, Teddy. She started her career as an air stewardess which progressed on to a career in sales. Despite it all, she still dreams of playing in a rock band and travelling the world disgracefully.

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