The writing bug – Lisa Hobman

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By Lisa Hobman

It’s been suggested to me a few times that writing is something that’s ingrained deep in someone’s soul. The desire to tell a story and to evoke emotion through words is somehow an inherent need in those with a creative streak. I suppose it’s like dance, drama, music and art — whatever the creative part of us wants to create, we do so not because it’s a way to make money but because it’s a method of self-expression.

I would never have guessed when I wrote my first novel back in 2012/2013 that I would be sitting here writing a guest blog on my writing journey way off in 2018. But here we are! And now I’m inclined to believe that it’s always been a part of who I am in some form or other. It just had to be the right time.

Writing was something I loved to do as a child and I think, like most children, I had a vivid imagination. This was greatly encouraged by my family, who were, and still are, book lovers. I was often commended for my stories and poems at school — sadly the same could never be said of my aptitude for maths! Let’s just say as an aside that the calculator is an amazing invention.

Like many people, as I got older life took over. After education there was work; then singing — another passion of mine that saw me fronting a rock band and travelling the UK club circuit for several years — then marriage and then babies. I suppose something had to give.

I did try my hand at song-writing and recording and even now I’m known to insert lyrics I’ve written in stories that feature musicians. Being signed to a publishing company wasn’t something I ever imagined would happen but I was initially signed to an American company and then in 2017 I was signed by the wonderful Aria Fiction. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted is my third release with Aria and it’s been a wonderful journey with them so far.

Creating characters is quite an exhilarating process and What Becomes of the Broken Hearted has been one of my favourite casts to write so far. I love to imagine how my characters look, sound and act. In fact I’ve been known to try out their dialogue by saying things aloud. You may have heard that I’ve been caught trying out their facial expressions too but I couldn’t possibly confirm or deny that! Let’s just say it’s a good thing my writing den is way up at the top of the house where no one can hear or see me!

These days I write my own books and I also edit for other authors, after completing a proofreading and editing course earlier this year. I find it easier to edit for other people than I do for myself. I think as a writer you become so absorbed in your own words that you’re oblivious to mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes is always a good idea. The extra bonus is getting to work with extremely talented authors and to see their stories before anyone else.

Aria has been an amazing company to work with. They are an astounding team of talented individuals and very professional to boot. If you’re looking for a publishing home for your work I can highly recommend them, so keep a check on their website for submission calls.

As for me and my future; my writing bug is still in full swing and I’m now working on my next book for Aria Fiction. Once again it’s set in the stunning Scottish countryside that I love dearly and it’s been a great excuse to visit the Highlands again — purely for research purposes, honestly. There isn’t a title yet so watch out on my social media and the Aria website for news of that very soon! In the meantime I sincerely hope you enjoy your trip to the Scottish seaside in What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.

Lisa Hobman’s debut novel was shortlisted in the 2014 RNA. Her stories centre around believable, yet down-to-earth characters and the places in Scotland she has visited and fallen in love with. She is a happily married mum of one with two energetic dogs. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted is out now.

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