Never give up – Sasha Morgan

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By Sasha Morgan

As a writer, you need to grow two things. A thick skin to shield off all the rejections every writer inevitably receives and perseverance to brash on into publication.♥

Writing is like any art, it’s subjective; one man’s meat, is another man’s poison. Rather than seeing your submission as ‘rejected’ consider it ‘not suitable’ for a particular reason. Could it be that the publisher has already other authors very similar to you? Your submission may not fit into their criteria? Or, let’s be frank, have they even looked at it? Agents and publishers receive literally hundreds of submissions each week. With limited budgets and resources, it’s not too much of an assumption.

I’ve sent many a manuscript off, to have it returned in the same pristine condition, without so much of a crease or thumb print, obviously unread. It’s disheartening having to open yet another cursory letter, where ‘they enjoyed reading your submission, but didn’t think it suitable for them.’ Remember, even J K Rowling was knocked back in the early days – how they must be kicking themselves! So, just because a proposal has been returned, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good enough, far from it.

All it takes is one, just one person to read and appreciate your work. Another writer friend of mine sent her book to five different publishers every fortnight, until she got a taker. The responses just go to prove my point. On the same day she received an offer saying it was the best thing they had read all year, another told her to consider a re-write.

So the key thing is, write from the heart, write what you want. Don’t change your own particular style, but nourish it and stay true to yourself. On saying that, if an editor likes your writing, but wants you to ‘tweak’ it, keep an open mind. After sending my life’s work off to five publishers, I waited with bated breath for all the offers to come swimming in. Hmm, well not quite. I did receive two rejections, one didn’t get back to me, while two publishers did show interest – hurray!

Aria Fiction asked me to consider ‘sexing up’ my manuscript, to give it more punch and a unique selling point. Initially, I was a touch shocked, but soon got into the flow, and Scandal was born, causing many a titter to friends and family. Scandal is the first in the Treweham Hall series and tailoring my style has opened up great opportunities. I now also run creative writing workshops and offer one to one coaching.

So, in the words of the great man, Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never give up.”

Sasha Morgan lives in a coastal village in the North West of England with her husband and Labrador dog, Zac and has a grown-up son. She writes short stories, articles and contemporary fiction and is on the writing team for a children’s publishers. Sasha runs creative writing workshops and offers one to one coaching. Besides writing she loves drinking wine, walking her dog and curling up with a good book. Scandal is out now.

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