Written in the stars – Marilyn Bennett

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By Marilyn Bennett

As a new writer, I wasn’t aware of the rituals and practices some writers adopt when putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard. I am now at the final stages of finishing my third novel and I still don’t have rituals, but astrology has definitely influenced how I schedule my writing.♥

People poo-poo astrology, but the fact is that planets way bigger than the one we inhabit exist. This is not myth it’s a fact. We all know how the sun impacts on us daily, but what about the planets? I was intrigued when I found out that I had astrological signs based on all of the planets. When I did a bit of research it turns out that my sun sign was the tip of a rather large iceberg.

Four years ago I went from having a monthly nosey and scoff at my sun sign horoscope to becoming fascinated by the way in which the planets can influence us. They say that timing is everything and for me astrology is a great tool to measure that.

In 2013, as luck would have it, one of the biggest planets that influences growth and expansion was in my sun sign for a year. Apparently when this happens your life or career path can take a new direction and this is a key time to put any plans into action for the next 12 years. This was the year that I started writing my debut novel. It was also the year that I started reading more widely about astrology. By the end of that lucky year I had written fourteen scripts and one novel. In the eleven years prior I had just about written a post-it-note.

Life intercepted late 2014 to a lot of 2015, so I dipped in and out of the novel edits. Then late summer, time was back on my side, as the lucky planet was now in the part of my life that would support any forms of communication, so I decided to test it. I made a plan to finish the edit for my debut novel and complete the sequel within that year. I think psychologically I told myself that luck was on my side if I worked within that timeframe and so that’s exactly what I did.

Astrology doesn’t dictate what I write, but it has given me the positive motivation to get cracking. Writing can be an incredibly lonely process, full of doubts and no guarantees, so it’s nice to believe the universe might be backing me, even if down the line readers don’t.

The lucky planet is moving into the creative part of my life next month. Apparently during this next year I’ll be firing on all cylinders creatively. I’m going to try and write another three books during that year in a bid to strike whilst my astrological iron is well and truly hot!

Marilyn Bennett has worked in numerous production management roles across television broadcasting for the past 23 years. Her first introduction to writing was being commissioned to write a feature-length script. Over a decade later, she created a short film idea, Granny with Benefits, which soon developed into her debut novel and the sequel Mummy with Benefits.


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