How I came to write my book – Noga Porat

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By Noga Porat

When I was in my twenties, I studied for a B.A. in Philosophy and English Literature. Between The Anthology of English Literature and American Literature, I wrote short stories and left them in the drawer. Then I met my boyfriend; young and in love I confided in him and let him read my secrets in hopes of romancing him into my inner world. His reply? He said he thinks I should have a life story to tell before I sit down to write and that I simply do not have a story yet. Waste of time!♥

Heartbroken, that sentence haunted me until the day I published my first book, Chick Flick (2017). It was in 2010 that I realized that ‘Hey, I finally have a story to tell, on a subject that not many people know about’. I had been working for six years, developing a method to differentiate between male and female chicks in the incubators of the Poultry Industry. This while the chick is still in the egg. Two billion day-old male chicks are disposed of yearly, worldwide, because the industry only requires females to lay eggs!

Truth be told, I wrote my story for my love. He inspired me to write and tell him about my life’s work. One man fails you and the other lifts you up. I would have never sat down to write if it weren’t for him. If there is a moral to this post, I would say it’s that you always have an experience to tell – it’s a matter of who is listening.

We go through life and things bring us joy or pain and if we can put these stories into writing, it contributes to a higher level of social consciousness. I know from personal experience that when I feel sad by a life question, I pick books on the subject and read how other people dealt with that question. It is so easy, accessible and insightful.

If we can write in engaging way about our work dilemmas, our work associations and about actually – the subjects that we spend most hours of our day on, knowledge will be even more accessible. Today, most work-related knowledge is distributed as textbooks, and granted, textbooks have the advantage of being peer reviewed, but I took the example of what I believed to be John Grisham’s twist on this. That fiction, although taken with a grain of salt, can supply and advance knowledge.

When I first read The Firm (1993), I felt that Grisham wrote it from personal anguish. I felt that he was an aspiring successful lawyer and when he found he could not fulfill his idealistic causes, he wrote his book about his disappointments and fears from his profession. The book was fierce because I felt it was real, it detailed the law profession and supplied insight, which I was not familiar with beforehand and it had guts and glory! What a story!

Noga Porat (Nora Born) finished an M.Sc. in the Biochemistry Dept from Tel Aviv University, Israel in 2001, a B.Sc. in 1998 and a B.A. in Philosophy in 1996. She then volunteered in the Veterinary Institute, Israel where she was first exposed to the practices of the Egg Laying Industry (‘The Layers’). This led Noga to eventually open her own company in 2004, NiKagen Biotech Ltd. The company goal was to develop a method to determine the sex of the chick while still in the egg; in ovo chick sexing. She is still working on developing the prototype and wrote Chick Flick to ignite a public discussion on this issue.

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