Writing what I’d like to see as a reader – Lucy Scala

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By Lucy Scala

I was very lucky that my mom, even though she did not read, provided me with a love of books from childhood. Reading and writing are two passions of mine that have always traveled in parallel. ♥

I remember that I would play for entire afternoons with my Barbies, creating stories and scenarios which I would then write down in my diary. These diary entries soon turned into short stories and then into novels.

In 2012 I started a literary blog to talk about books and I started to follow the path of many authors who chose the self-publishing route. Once I had reached a particular time in my life when I felt more sure of myself and of the stories I had written, I chose to bring the blog to an end.

I have my publisher to thank for contacting me and having confidence in my writing. The books I have read have inspired and provided me with the perfect tools to write. I write when I feel the need to tell a story and when I have something to tell.

I do not have a favourite moment of the day to write, I can write in the morning as well as over night. It is most important for me to have complete silence in the house and the company of my dog!

One thing I would like to emphasise is that you must not to lose sight of yourself. I love writing and I could not live without it, although often I get frustrated with myself and I will remove or rewrite a scene until I’m satisfied.

Reading the novels of others and taking inspiration from those who are not in your circle of friends can be a good thing, it allows you to understand multiple points of view.

And remember – the reader is the person who will decide whether to invest in you and whether to recommend you to others, so it’s important to remember their perspective. For example, I really read a lot but I’ve seen few publications that feature dogs or animals, so I write what I would like to see as a reader.

Lucy Scala grew up in Moncalieri and Turin. Her love for animals led her to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Grugliasco, where she still studies alongside her writing. Somebody to Love is her first novel and was a bestseller on Italian Amazon and iTunes.


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