Five fictional writers I’d quite like to be – Georgia Clark

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By Georgia Clark

With her third novel, The Regulars, just released, Georgia Clark knows a thing or two about being a real-life author but here she shares five fictional authors that she aspires to.♥

Jenny Schecter for her Passion
As seen in: The L Word

Ah, Jenny. Like every self-respecting queer girl, I’m not sure if I want to slap her or kiss her, but I do know I’d love to write like her! Professional writers will tell you that writing furiously until dawn or only when that elusive muse hits, as opposed to a regular schedule, is the stuff of fiction, but not for Lady Crazy! Jenny penned the dark and twisted tales that haunted the hallows of her pretty pixie head at all hours, completely immersed in her own art. As someone who is tickled pink to be in bed by 10.30pm, Jenny’s boho writing life will never be for me, but oh I wish it was. So mysterious! So tortured! So Jenny Schecter.

Carrie Bradshaw for her Financial Situation
As seen in: Sex and the City (duh)

Before focusing on novels, I did my time pushing pen for lady and teen mags; all glossy, national publications. Standard rates for these kinds of gigs is 50 cents a word, or something in the range of $400 a pop. What I would give for Carrie Bradshaw’s lucrative writing life. In between a busy schedule of light lunches and sexual innuendo, the Manolo-ed one could afford a West Village one-bedder and so many clothes they had to fit in her oven! My oven is used for roasting root vegetables, which are delicious but (more to the point) cheap. Jelly.

Jack Torrance for his Work Ethic
As seen in: The Shining

Okay, so Here’s Johnny didn’t exactly produce quality work during his time at Casa de Crazy, but you HAVE to admire the man’s work ethic. Every writer will tell you that commitment to your craft is the true secret to success, and Jack had it in spades. Every day, down at that big table, when there was all manner of ghost girls and tidal waves of blood to distract you. I pat myself on the back for getting into the Writer’s Room before 11am – but our boy Jack worked every day! Amazetown!

Liz Lemon for the Fun Factor
As seen in: 30 Rock

Like every human being, I hope one day to discover I am distantly but definitively related to Tina Fey. Or better yet, her alter ego in one of my favorite sitcoms of all time, 30 Rock (because what could be cooler than being related to a fictional character!). Liz Lemon led a ragtag bunch of misfits, slobs and weirdos, otherwise known as the staff of a popular late-night comedy. Their process was exclusively quips, comic disasters and one-minute dance parties. Whenever their verbal gymnastics got too much, Liz was able to retreat to an office and shotgun a pizza. This is a woman who overturned her writers’ table over an absent mac and cheese. What’s not to love?

Toby Ziegler for his Talent
As seen in: The West Wing

The West Wing is my jam: strawberry, raspberry, lavender and hot pepper. It’s my JAM YO! I’ve spent many a night in the company of the world’s greatest Democrats, as they tried their damndest to make this mad, mad world a better place. America might be a political disaster but in the world of the small screen, it is hopeful and heartfelt. King of the feels is that prickly intelligent Jew, Toby Ziegler. Sure, he hates almost everyone, is burdened by his brain and sucks at smalltalk. But the man is smart and he has the respect of POTUS. Respect TZ. Respect.

Georgia Clark is an author, screenwriter and performer currently living in New York City. Her third novel, The Regulars, has just published by Emily Bestler Books (Atria/Simon & Schuster) . The Regulars is Georgia’s first adult fiction novel.

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