A practical guide to getting published – Danielle F. White

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By Danielle F. White

Are you tired of keeping your novel shut away in a drawer? Seeing your own book published can sometimes seem harder than finding true love, but if you really want to become a novelist, you really can make it happen. Here are some tips that have helped me along the way with my writing (and my life)…♥

First, you need a story. Do not think about all the bestsellers you see on the shelves in your favourite bookshops and do not imitate a plot just because you think it might sell. Try to write something that you really want to tell, that you need to share.

Believe in your characters as if they really lived, and love them, even if they are unpopular. Be their biggest fan and you’ll see that others will start to appreciate them too.ARIA_White_COCO CHANEL SAVED MY LIFE_E

Once you have the story, write it. That may sound strange, but many aspiring writers spend more time talking about the things they want to write than actually writing them. Challenge yourself in front of the white screen and, if the first draft doesn’t convince you, try again – be it twice, ten times or one hundred times if necessary.

Find an editor (a good one) who can review your material, and trust them. Even a self-published book needs editing. People hate to read poorly written books (don’t you?).

Do not obsess over your own words. If they don’t work, change them; find a new way to express your ideas.

Read a lot, because the stories of other authors are a great source of inspiration.

Never think about the money you can earn selling your book, but about people you will make happy.

Finally, never stop believing in yourself. If you really are a storyteller, sooner or later your book will come to life.

Danielle F. White was born in Naples and lives in Milan and Padua. An events organiser, she works with communications agencies, cultural organizations, magazines, radio and TV. Since 2003 she has edited the popular blog www.dottoressadania.it.

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