Five ways a writer can help sell books – Rosie Blake

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By Jade Craddock

Having written two hugely popular novels (How to Get a (Love) Life; How to Stuff Up Christmas) and her third, How to Find Your (First) Husband, having just been released, Rosie Blake knows a thing or two about selling books, so who better to give some tips on how writers can boost their selling potential. ♥

1. First of all write a good book! What kind of author are you? Where would your book sit on the shelf? Which authors are you similar to?

2. Consider how you come across online. Do your social media accounts reflect the type of writer you are? So for instance if you are writing literary fiction then it might not be wise to constantly update your Twitter feed with comments about Love Island. Your social media accounts should attract followers who might be interested in buying your book.

3. Make sure that you enjoy it! This is easier said than done. Some writers simply do not enjoy marketing their book. I enjoy chatting with people online. Perhaps you need to consider how to market. Maybe you want to film a vlog instead? Maybe you would like to update your website with inspirational quotes and advice? Maybe you enjoy uploading photographs and can set up an Instagram account? Choose something that suits you as it will be more successful and you will actually want to update it and interact with people through it.

4. Don’t force it! Don’t be a complete bore. Nobody wants to read a stream of marketing tweets or status updates. Remember that people want to be offered something. What can you offer them? Can you send out something interesting? Can you make them laugh? Can you find something interesting to forward? Can you share something you enjoyed? People want to interact with you and this way you will create more genuine links.

5. Be generous and support other writers. It is a lonely old game at times and we all benefit from one another’s successes. Enjoy watching other people do well. Celebrate the fact that people are buying books. If people are buying other people’s books then perhaps they are buying yours too. Help by forwarding tweets, sharing links and generally interacting with people in the same boat as you. You will get so much more back and enjoy the process a great deal more too. Lots of luck.

Rosie Blake is an author of comic commercial fiction. She spent her university years writing pantomimes based on old classics and has written features for Cosmopolitan, The Lady, The Sunday People, Reveal and Best Magazine. Her first rom-com How to Get a (Love) Life, which was follows by How to Stuff Up Christmas and How to Find Your (First) Husband.

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