Five things that helped me write this book – Giovanna Fletcher

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By Giovanna Fletcher

Writing a book isn’t an easy task, especially when there are so many distractions around. However, these five things have helped to make the process a little easier…♥

Nutella. Anyone who’s followed my ramblings on Twitter will know how much I love the brown stuff and usually reward myself for a good day of writing with a spoonful straight from the jar (or spoonful to help with my creativity if I’m particularly stuck). However, this time round I decided to be sensible and go for a healthier alternative by making my own. Deliciously Ella has a gorgeous recipe using roasted hazelnuts, maple syrup and cocao powder. It’s blooming wonderful and fills the void of the real stuff.

Comfortable clothing. I look bonkers when writing because I literally chuck on the comfiest clothes with utter disregard for whether they match or not. I don’t want to be sat fidgeting because my clothes are digging in or creating rolls where I don’t want them (TMI?). If possible, I prefer to stay in my PJs, but that depends on whether the boys are home, whether I need to go out at all and just how much work I need to get done. If I’m close to a deadline and feeling particularly up against it then I’m more likely to NEED my PJs.

Water. Staying hydrated helps you think better… so I’ve been told.

My husband. Being a mum and writing is tough, especially as our boys are so young. However, Tom’s been extremely hands on and we manage to juggle parenting while still finding time to work on all the other projects we’re involved in. Long gone are our cosy nights in with a bottle of wine once the boys are asleep. Now we use that time wisely and type away.

Other authors. There’s nothing quite like mixing with other creative people to get you inspired. Whether that’s through reading their work, watching them being interviewed or catching little nuggets of wisdom on social media. Now, I have to be a careful with the latter as I can get roped in and then be lost online for hours, but it can be worth the risk. Ideally though I like to give myself a reading week or two before getting stuck into a new project. That way I can leave my previous work behind and remind myself of the joys of being a reader and being sucked into another person’s imagination.

Essex-born Giovanna Fletcher is an actress, blogger, vlogger and presenter. She is married to Tom Fletcher from McFly/McBusted and is mum to their two boys Buzz and Buddy. She spends far too much time on social media and/or talking about Nutella. Her new novel Always With Love is out now.

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