Finding your tribe – Anna Mitchael

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By Anna Mitchael

When I finally got with the program and put Spotify on my computer I couldn’t believe there was a setting to play one song on repeat. ♥

My best friend, of course, was the first person I called with the news ‘Do you know what Spotify has?’ I asked her.

‘I know what Spotify doesn’t have,’ she answered. ‘Taylor Swift.’

But this was not the time to discuss stars who aren’t like us — I’d just made a much more important discovery: some people out there are just as weird as me.

For years I thought surely I was the only one who liked to set my music on repeat. One song, over and over and over again. Who else would willingly request what my friends and family had called (lovingly, I’m sure) ‘grating.’

But when a new music program comes out and has the one-song-repeat function built in, then it means I am not alone.

Now I know what it feels like to be the person who spends years holed up in her house with synthetic alien ears before finally wandering into a science fiction conference where she discovers — Holy Hell! She isn’t the only one who fetishes over dressing like a Klingon!

copygirlThe tribes are out there, it’s just a matter of locating them.

My favorite time to listen to one song on repeat is when I am writing. It’s like the music creeps back into my brain and by about the tenth play, finally finds the switch to flip. Once that switch goes then I stop hearing the music. The lyrics and the chords and even the rise and fall of tempo fall away….gloriously, they take the rest of world with them.

If I am working on a long project — say a book — I choose one artist or band and then I stick with them for the duration. The mood of the music usually doesn’t have a thing to do with the project. For example, with Copygirl I listened to different tracks from The National on repeat. Their music is nothing like Copygirl. The National leans into melancholy and angst, at least with the songs I was listening to a lot, and Copygirl is the opposite of a moody, cloudy afternoon. Copygirl is the cupcake you eat to break the gray day.

But when Michelle and I were beginning to figure out Kay — the heroine of Copygirl — The National lyrics made sense. The songs were about people trying to make sense of the world — people on a search for salvation in any form. That’s Kay to a ‘T’. For that matter, it’s me and Michelle and why we started writing books in the first place. Isn’t it all of us?

We find what works and gives us joy and gets us through the day. Then in the blessed moments we find we aren’t alone we exhale — it’s reason to celebrate. In the pages of Copygirl I hope you find your proverbial pair of Klingon ears. Our tribe would love to have you.

Anna Mitchael and Michelle Sassa are the authors of Copygirl, a celebration of weird hobbies, best friends who get you through and tribes peppered with wonderful misfits. Anna also had her first Kindle Single Rooster Stories: Farm-Raised Tales of Life, Love and Motherhood published in September.

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