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By Christine Duval

Well she finally did it! Stephanie Pegler threw her pen into the writing ring and authored her very own chick lit novel under the pseudonym Bree Darcy, after many years championing the cause of this fabulous genre on her popular websites Chicklit Club, Connect and We Heart Writing. She also runs International Chick Lit Month annually. Don’t Mention the Rock Star released in January, 2015 and is available worldwide on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. An entertaining look at what happens when you revisit your past, Don’t Mention the Rock Star begs the question, “Does first love ever fade?” To find out more and what’s coming next from this talented writer, visit Without further ado, welcome Bree! ♥

1. What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever written?

Definitely this novel! I hadn’t written much for years because I was too busy editing other people’s words. So writing Don’t Mention the Rock Star took a considerable leap – in both faith and skills – to switch from a news reporting mindset to fiction. Instead of having the facts and an article structure to work off, I only had my imagination and some quick lessons in the craft of writing fiction to rely on. Indeed publishing a novel is a bit like giving birth – you really need to forget the pain and just remember the joy – otherwise you’d never produce another one.

2. If you could collaborate with another author on a project, who would it be and why?

I have too much respect for my favourite authors to even imagine meddling with their awesomeness! It would be interesting to write with a guy though, to portray the female perspective of a story while he handles the male point of view. My 17-year-old daughter – a born and bred bookworm – thinks I should tackle Young Adult and as I’d love to see her write a book herself, I’ll nominate her as the person I’d most likely collaborate with.

3. What do you like most about being an author?

Having been a published author for only a short period of time, so far I would have to say it is fantastic to get feedback from readers who have really loved the story and connected with the characters. Also it has been very satisfying to hear from friends who have decided to take the plunge and start writing a book themselves having seen me survive the experience.

4. How do you motivate yourself to write?

By setting a goal of writing at least something every day. Learning how to write in a more productive manner is definitely something I need to work on with my current work-in-progress. There are so many distractions and other things to do. But the simple fact is I want to pursue a career as an author, which means I have to produce a second novel, then another, then another. That’s motivation enough! Plus I’ve got many readers eagerly anticipating the next one, so I need to get it out there before they forget who I am!

5. What do you feel are the top three qualities one must possess to make it as an author today?

Determination to get it written and published – no matter what; the willingness to put yourself out there to promote but not necessarily follow the pack; and self-confidence to follow your instincts about what you should be writing and how it should be packaged.

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