Celebritease – a new way of publishing

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By Jade Craddock

Totally Bound, publisher of erotic romance, has launched a brand-new imprint which will see celebrities taking the reins. Here Holly Gunner introduces us to the world of Celebritease.  ♥

This year we have launched a new and exciting imprint called Celebritease™. All of the books will be written by celebrities we know and love, blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Walk on By, written by singer and reality TV star Stacey Solomon, is the first book to be released in Celebritease™. This novel is a light-hearted, chick-lit romantic comedy about a young singer who struggles to discover her true identity. Charlotte is propelled to stardom as the beautiful sensation “Lola” after being discovered busking in London. The book explores the difficulties of retaining your true self in a world where becoming a sensation can happen overnight; a hilarious and touching story which has been heralded as “Bridget Jones meets Pretty Woman with a bit of Cinderella thrown in”. The appearance of “Mr. Perfect” in the form of Blake only works to further complicate things when we discover he is harbouring his own secret identity.

walkonby_800We are going to be revealing new celebrities regularly, who are set to write their own fiction debuts. Each of them will be drawing from their own experiences, thoughts and imaginations to craft compelling stories which give us an insight into what really goes on behind the glitz and glamour we all know and love. Celebritease will create an ‘A-List’ experience for readers, keeping them guessing at how much is fact and how much is fiction…

The Celebritease imprint is built from a diverse range of celebrities, all writing their own trilogy of stories which span multiple genres and themes. It will give readers a range of new insights into the world behind the red curtain. Stacey has built a solid foundation for the imprint with her endearing chick-lit, rom-com novel which will lay the path for future celebrity authors. Walk on By is the first instalment from Stacey Solomon’s Best Things in Life trilogy. Here is an exclusive excerpt from her fantastic new novel, we hope you enjoy it!

The Boob Tape seemed to have vanished on me. I’d searched everywhere, but the delightful little roll of wonder tape couldn’t be found. Roo-Roo was doing his usual, flapping around my house in a frantic effort to find it, and I started to panic.
If I couldn’t wear the sheath dress, what would I wear?
I couldn’t choose anything from my wardrobe that I’d worn before. The press loved to pick up on things like that. Lola wears same dress as last month! I had other dresses, ones that were bought for this kind of situation, but none of them were suitable for the music awards. I had to wear the black dress.
Roo-Roo came into my bedroom.
“Darling, we’re doomed,” he said, raising the back of his hand to his forehead. “Sellotape?”
“Tried that before, remember. It doesn’t stay sticky for long enough.” But his fabulous suggestion gave me another idea. “Hang on a second,” I said, leaving the room.
In the garage, I ferreted about in a drawer where I kept odds and ends. I knew that what I was searching for was there because I’d used it recently to hem a pair of trousers. I couldn’t sew and, well, I was creative in how I fixed things.
Ah, there it was, my silver saviour.
I took it back upstairs. Roo-Roo gave me the kind of look that suggested I was either crazy or I’d solved the world’s problems. I waited to see which it was.
“You, my dear, are a genius.” He strode over to me, kissed my cheeks, then stepped back. “You’re going to need help putting it on.”
I’d known that, and with any other man I’d have been uncomfortable, but not with Roo-Roo. I turned away from him to slip on a pair of sweat pants then took off my dressing gown.
I faced him again “Okay, we’ll do a practise run. Shall I hold them up while you tape, or do you want to do it the other way around?”
A year ago, I never would have thought I’d be standing in front of a gay man, waiting for him to tape up my boobs.
“You hold,” he said, “and we’ll make them look Polly Perky.”
So there I was, standing in my bedroom, cupping my assets while my best friend turned each of them into Polly. While he worked his magic, I wondered whether other famous women were doing this right now, but with The Boob Tape. It never failed to amaze me how some aspects of ‘normal’ life remained in ‘famous’ life—how getting ready for a party was sometimes fraught with dilemmas. What had I expected, then? For absolutely everything to change? I’d always had the philosophy that everyone was the same. No matter how much money they had or how high a status they had, everyone did similar things. I was oddly relieved that that was true. I’d been worrying that I was losing Charlotte, losing real life, that I had to become Lola—eat, sleep and breathe Lola—and all along, little pieces of Charlotte were still there.

You can buy Walk on By online and at UK high-street retailers. Stacey Solomon was a contestant on The X-Factor in 2009. She also appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2011 and presented Sing If You Can.



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