Timeless principles from top bloggers on how to be found online

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By Anja Skrba

Recent blogging statistics have revealed that Huffington Post, perhaps the biggest blog online, currently earns $2,000,000 on a monthly basis. There are also several other blogs such as Techcrunch, Smashing Magazine, Venture Beat, etc. that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.  ♥

However, you don’t have to look far away to realize that these blogs are also some of the most heavily trafficked blogs on the internet. Of course, while it takes more than just traffic to earn money as a blogger, getting lots of high-quality traffic will solve at least half your problems.

Starting a blog is not hard; there are practical guides on how to start a blog. The real question is, how do you get quality traffic to your blog? How do you get found online?

Here are insights from some of the biggest bloggers on how to get traffic to a blog and be found online:

1. Connect With and Interview Forum and Group Leaders in Your Niche
This tip comes from Pat Flynn, founder of the popular Smart Passive Income blog and Ask Pat podcast.

Pat has a blog with over 75,000 subscribers and is being read by hundreds of thousands of people monthly. Pat has also been blogging for at least six years now, so he definitely knows a thing or two about getting traffic that lasts.

According to Pat, a great way to get quality traffic is by interview/ featuring group/ forum leaders in your niche. By doing this:

  • You get quality content from industry thought leaders, solving content needs on your blog
  • You build a relationship with a leader in your niche; this alone can be very powerful in the long-term!
  • The forum/group leader you feature will almost always share your interview/ case study of them, leading to tons of traffic for you.

Now, it’s easy to just think about groups and forums, but this can be applied to other communities as well; think about Quora, and similar answer sites. Who are leaders there? Feature them and showcase their expertise, and you’ll benefit from the following they have built.

2. Leverage Other People’s Established Audience to Grow Yours
No matter what niche you’re in, there are hundreds of sites with tens of thousands of readers. A key way to grow your blog is by leveraging the audience of these established blogs.

Two major proponents of this approach are Derek Halpern and Danny Iny, and there are several key ways to do this; a very popular form is guest blogging, which has been seriously abused today but is still effective if done right.

More unique ways to go about this, as done by Derek and Danny is by:

Doing Webinars: Danny Iny has been able to massively grow his audience and income over the past few years by partnering with popular bloggers online, offering valuable webinars to their audience – building his subscribers base and traffic in the process.

This approach is mostly effective if you already have a product; partner with a popular blogger in your niche, offer a percentage of sales of your product and offer to simplify the process and increase conversions by offering a webinar to his audience. You’ll gain sales, and at the very least gain additional hundreds of readers.

Doing Videos: Derek Halpern quickly built his blog to over 17,000 subscribers within 11 months of starting it. How did he do this? By looking for top blogs in his industry, offering to do a video critique of the blogger’s blog in exchange for them publishing the critique and linking back to him.

Of course, there’s a catch here; Derek only targeted popular bloggers, and his critique is a premium service he charges top dollars for, so the bloggers were getting something of value in return.

You don’t necessarily have to offer critique services, but a valuable video will always be given priority over a written post; Shane Melaugh also did this on the Writers in Charge blog.

Getting the first two to three bloggers to allow you to do this is the difficult part, but things automatically pick up after that.

In case you feel a bit challenged when it comes to online presence. or are a bit afraid to do it yourself or don’t have the time, you can let us know here and we’ll make you a blog in 72 hours or less!

Anja Skrba is a part of happy collection of web geeks who came together to start First Site Guide because they believe in a web for everyone! It can help you start a personal or business blog/site, a place to show your hobbies, offer advice to others or just to share personal stories, pictures and videos. If you are passionate about beauty, style and fashion blogging, Anja can help you share your visions of fashion in your own unique way.


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