Pet peeves bloggers should avoid

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By Melissa Puli

I am relatively new to the world of blogging… heading into my second year of Two Little Humans and Me. I’ve always been a passionate writer. A good writer. Trying to find interesting ramblings to entertain, rant or simply share doesn’t come easy; and sometimes I often wonder if anyone is reading it at all. ♥

Even though the blogging world seems colossal, the community of bloggers is relatively small, where one writer will know another blogger who is good friends with another blogger. As a community, many bloggers are in touch with others’ blogs and posts constantly and can tell if you have changed your font or simply added a new header to your page.

When it comes to pet peeves concerning blogs, a few issues come to mind. I also asked around some bloggers and readers to find out their own personal niggles.

Don’t make your blog too busy. The clarity of the font in which a post is written is paramount to a successful blog. Curly writing on a bright yellow background doesn’t work. It hurts the eyes and makes the post really hard to read. If a blog is too harsh on the eye, readers will click to another fairly quickly. Ask yourself if your page is ‘too’ cluttered. Imagine walking into a store where you can’t find anything because of the clutter – the same can be said for blogs which have just too much on display!

Posts need to be consistent and regular. There is no point blogging one day and then not scheduling a post for another three weeks. Readers know when you haven’t posted and will find someone else’s blog to follow. A blog post can be anything from a simple image or quote to a full page of writing. Many bloggers face time restraints and so quirky posts such as “Wordless Wednesday” and “Thankful Thursday” appear with a personal image or one shared from Pinterest.

Check your spelling and grammar. Spelling errors are one of the common pet peeves! Even though some posts are written quickly or on the spur of the moment, it is normal for spelling or grammatical errors to appear – I sometimes leave off a letter or two in my haste. But when you go back to re-read your posts and find errors – fix them! Don’t leave it to your readers to try to work out exactly what it was you were trying to write.

Acknowledge posts and images from other sites. As the blogging world becomes more popular, gone are the days when a blogger could ‘borrow’ an image from another site without the original owner becoming aware. These days, bloggers and readers are more tech savvy and with one click of a button, your post could go on to many social media websites. There is nowhere to hide. Readers and bloggers know if you have posted an image from Etsy or Pinterest and not acknowledged the original source. This also includes borrowing quotes or stories from other blogs. Always add links or credits to information you have ‘borrowed’. Not only is it polite but also an acknowledgment of the person’s work and skills as a writer or an artist.

Don’t tell little white lies. This links back to bloggers being a community in which they know and share information about each other and other bloggers. If you are a reader of blogs and personally know the blogger, you can pick up when a little furphy or two is being told. No one likes to be lied to. And as a blogger, you just never know who is reading your posts. Bloggers like to share and is one of the main reasons why we write. But to write and lie about a topic or something significant in your life when other bloggers or readers know for a fact the information is not true, means you will lose the trust of your fans.

Comments are great feedback for not only the blogger but also the reader. If a person takes the time to comment, be sure to respond. It is courteous and tells the reader you are engaged in what they are saying – they took the time to write to you, so take the time to write back. Sometimes we find comments which are not very pleasant and can be heartbreaking, but remember it takes far more energy and time for a reader to write a pleasant comment than it does to write a bad one.

These are just a few pet peeves of bloggers and readers. With so much time bloggers invest in writing and building a readership (not forgetting the readers who read), it helps to take a step back and review how you believe you are being presented to the great blogosphere.

Readers enjoy honesty, laughter and tears. They enjoy real blogs, by real people. Here are some of my all-time favourite bloggers which encompass each and every one of these attributes:

Living in Melbourne with two little humans certainly has its moments. Melissa Puli escapes the mundane by writing for, crocheting and of course reading and reviewing books. With a passion for all things literature, she can get swept away in the storyline only to be jolted back by a little hand tugging at her to ask for a snack or a drink.

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